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Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith
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Tampa, Florida

Wait Wait Wait... I understand why you are here. You are sick of snow or ready for A change. You Have Come To The right place. I am not just an Agent for Tampa I am able to get you connected to any Real Estate Office In A 250 Mile Radius! If you are looking for property In "Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Lakeland, Orlando", It's the best time to get this process going. Let's get this started. You can email me or call me whatever works best for you. Have A Blessed Rest Of The Day!

I Wanted to add something many people are not familiar with. This is an option for many people that may not have the best credit score or the Biggest Down Payment Ready.

Anyone Ever Told You About "Rent To Own"? Let Me Break it Down.

Say you are about ready to purchase a home, but you may not meet all of the requirements or you are not fully ready for an FHA Loan down payment… You could rent to own! Renting to own has requirements but they are not as tough for some people to reach and easier to achieve. Through This you would be working with a company that would give you a limit based on the credit you have of normally$250,000-$400,000., They would then shop around with you and put a cash offer on the home… You would then be charged a “Rent” From this Cash company, 25% Of the rent you pay monthly is the price of the home. You will also need to provide a 2% Downpayment Which Is kept inside of an account for you Following The 25% Of Each Rent Check You Pay. This Could Help With Closing Costs or Down Payment When You Decide To Buy Out. It Will Also Give A Buy-Out Amount Which You Can Buy Out At Any Time And Start The Mortgage.

I Think It Might Be Time To Move To The Sunshine State.

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